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Joining Procedure

Book in for free trial class

Partake in class

Request membership via e mail on website, please check price section to confirm what type of membership is required

Complete student forms that will be sent out from martialytics after request

Sign waivers

Complete DD form that will be sent out after, we will process amount and date (1st) from your price list/membership type e mail. You are only giving us permission to set up DD at this point, you are not actually setting it up

A pro rata payment for the remainder of the month will be requested then your requested amount will start from the 1st of the following month (if its within 1 week of the 1st then both the remainder and the next months payment will be requested instead) 

You can now request access to martialytics members portal and request passwords for password protected sections on the website

You are now a member of Chimera Martial Arts & Fitness

Thank You & Welcome