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Online Coaching

We have spent 2 years building an online coaching program which is second to none!

We have 4 packages available, bronze, silver, gold or platinum.

Bronze – In our basic package, you will receive a new training program every month, with video tutorials for each exercise, you can pick between, home training, commercial gym or basic equipment at home. You will also have weekly check ins and access to our fantastic app, where all your program details will be, you also have the ability to store your weight and measurements where you can monitor via a graph and you can also link your my fitness pal and my zone belt to our app. You will also receive a calories and protein target. The cost for this package is £29 per month.

Silver – All of bronze plus you will access to all our recipes, they have all macros, calories, pictures and ingredients available. There is also a bar code scanner for direct input into my fitness pal. Cost for this is £39 per month.

Gold – Again, all of bronze and silver, you will also receive a personalised training plan specifically for your goals and abilities. Cost is £49 per month.

Platinum – includes of all the above plus access to our full-time facility in Stirling. We have various types of punch bags in our main gym and all the functional training tools you could possibly need, we also have a private training room which can be booked online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with our door code access. Cost is £89 per month.

If you require any further help or just want to have a chat regards your best option then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.