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Weights Room

In our private training room, you will access to all the training aids you could ever need. Including, full power (squat) rack, bench, olympic bars 15kg & 20kg, we also have the ability to take the weight up to over 200kg, trap bar, pull up bar, dips bars, dumbells from 3kg to 40kg, air assault bike, t bell, trx, medicine balls, kettlebells and more.

The way it works is that you book your time slot online before coming and then access via our door code entry. Then you have the room to yourself for that time. Which is fantastic in the fact if you are self conscious in the gym but also that you can plan your exact workout and know for a fact that all that equipment will be available. It also means if you want to train at 3am or on Christmas Day that we are open, we are always open.